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Our mission

To facilitate access to prescription medication through community-based pharmacies.

Our vision

To be the world’s largest marketplace for prescription medication and
help people achieve better health outcomes.

What problem are we solving?

Prescription Quest is marketplace for independent pharmacies. We bring patients with prescriptions to fill and independent pharmacies together. 

There are on average 200 to 300 prescription medication in short supply at any given time in the United States. This shortage directly impacts the ability of millions of patients to adhere to their treatment. Shortages also lead manufacturers and distributors to primarily serve their preferred pharmacies ahead of many others, causing even more severe prescription drugs shortages in many communities.

What solution do we deliver?

We created a multi-vendor marketplace of small community-based pharmacies. Our aim is to help bridge the gap between prescription drug demand and supply caused by the combination of perpetual drug shortages and pharmacy closures by big retail chains.

Our marketplace allows local pharmacies to tell us what medication they have in stock and make their inventory searchable by our users. Users/Patients with prescriptions can come to our marketplace and submit a form as well as a copy of their insurance so we can help them search for a pharmacy that has the medication they need in stock. 

Once we find what they need, patients can then pay their copay online.

What drives us forward?

Our culture: An obsession with building a first-in-class customer experience. We put customers at the center of all business operations and decisions. Every employee needs to understand the importance of providing an exceptional experience and actively works towards exceeding customer expectations. Our aim is to create a memorable experience wherever and whenever a customer comes in contact with our brand.

How did it all get started?

It was a rainy Sunday night and Joel’s 18-month-old son was sick. He and his wife took him to Pediatric Urgent Care where they were written a prescription for Infant Tylenol. The doctor sent the electronic prescription to a Walgreens pharmacy across the street from the Urgent Care. When they got there, the pharmacy did not have it in stock. Joel and his wife called several pharmacies around the area, but none had the medication.


Neither of CVS or Walgreens had it for sale on their website because of their policy against selling prescription drugs online. After calling numerous pharmacies, Joel finally found one 45 minutes away that had the drug in stock. When Joel and his wife were standing in line at the pharmacy, that’s when his wife said, “I wish there was a way we could have found a pharmacy that had this medication by just searching online.” And just like that, the idea was born.

What are our Core Values?

Customer Success: We measure our success by our customers' success. We strive to provide solutions that exceed their expectations.


Integrity: We conduct ourselves with honesty and transparency, and we adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our actions.

Teamwork: We collaborate and communicate openly, valuing diverse perspectives and leveraging the strengths of each team member to achieve common goals.

Key takeaways

Medication shortages create scarcity and increase the cost of prescription drugs Our platform allows people to find nearby pharmacies that have their prescriptions We bring prescriptions from places that have them in abundance to those that don’t We also help community-based pharmacies grow by sending them new prescriptions.

We have a dedicated team focused on creating an exceptional customer experience Data shows that our product is getting traction, but we still have work to do the future is bright and there are many more things we can and will accomplish.

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